How to make a fuzzy felt card:

  1. Fold base card to make a standard card. I chose to make an A5 card, but any size will do.
  2. Fold the front of the card in half again. This will create the mechanism for lifting the top of the card.
  3. Cut paper to cover the ‘inside’ of the card. Part of this will be visible when the card is on show so choose a nice backing paper.
  4. Choose the image you want to put on the front. I chose a die cut decoupage, but any image will do. Back your image onto card.
  5. Attach the card and image to the front fold. Make sure the fixture is secure, and that the card will fit the envelope when laid flat.
  6. Add a support strip onto the inside layer. Use foam pads to create height. This is what will hold the card in place when on display. A whole strip is not needed, so individual embellishments like labels, greetings, flowers or other embellishments can be used instead.
  7. I added a new floral strip to my card as the two strips did not match up. I also added a greeting.
  8. You can add further embellishments to your own taste.

The following pictures show the steps needed to make an fuzzy felt card.

20160414 134932
20160414 134945
20160414 140024
20160414 140221
20160419 134001
20160419 135029
20160501 143005
20160501 143128
20160501 143149
20160501 143140