About Me


I am a teacher of almost forty years experience. I wanted an outlet to express some of my ideas about education, and the direction in which schools are going.This blog is the result.

When I began planning my posts, I realised that I wanted to comment on more than just educational issues. Some of my posts are going to be more ‘self-help’ issues, whilst other posts will reflect my personal interests.

I live in the Bournemouth area, and have access to some amazing local landscapes and attractions. These will be reported on from time to time, together with photos taken to accompany each article.

I also spend a considerable amount of time in Southern Spain, and will be blogging on events, activities, locations and facilities as and when I can.

My hobby is card-making, and I will also be posting ‘how to’ articles, and also my original designs. From time to time I may also post some original fiction, which I hope readers will enjoy.

There will be links to other blogs and websites that I regard as ‘family’ blogs, from my brother’s business blog, to blogs designed and maintained by my daughter. I will also include links to websites I have found useful, such as the TES website and the docrafts site.

I hope to be able to provide some new material on a weekly basis, although time pressures may prove that this is an unrealistic target. I will have to wait and see!!

As a new blogger, I welcome feedback and hope that from time to time you will wish to share my posts or the details of my blog.